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Council Contacts

Mayor and Township Council

Updated: May 31 23
 Created: Jan 01 70

Our newly updated Council Chambers. The mural depicts a river log drive, and honours our logging heritage.

At left, Past Mayor Janice Tiedje and Councillors saw a pole to unveil the mural. The pole was provided by Past Councillor Stanley Pecoskie.

Left to right: Past Councillor Ernie Cybulski, Past Councillor Kathy Marion, Councillor Carl Kuehl, Past Mayor Janice Tiedje, Past Councillor Stanley Pecoskie, Past Councillor Debbie Peplinskie and Past Councillor Isabel O'Reilly

Current Township Council Contact Information

Councillor Phone Email
Dave Mayville (Mayor) H: 613-757-1566
C: 613-401-7697
Click Here to email Mayor Mayville
Ted Browne (Ward 1) C: 613-504-1856 Click Here to email Councillor Browne
Bil Smith (Ward 1) H: 613-281-1106
Click Here to email Councillor Smith
Maureen MacMillan (Ward 2) H: 613-585-3689 Click Here to email Councillor MacMillan
Carl Kuehl (Ward 2) H: 613-757-2022 Click Here to email Councillor Kuehl
Brian Pecoskie (Ward 3) H: 613-757-3293 Click Here to email Councillor Pecoskie
Harold Lavigne (Ward 3) H: 613-757-0170 Click Here to email Councillor Lavigne

Committees of Council

Updated: Dec 06 22
 Created: Jan 01 70

Committees of Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards - December 6, 2022 (for 2022-2023)

The Mayor is a sitting member on all municipal committees as ex-officio.

Economic Development
Maureen MacMillan Chair
Bil Smith Co-Chair
Brian Pecoskie
Dave Mayville Chair
Full Council
Human Resources
Bil Smith Chair
Brian Pecoskie Co-Chair
Maureen MacMillan
Brian Pecoskie Chair
Maureen MacMillan Co-Chair
Bil Smith
Policies and Procedures
Carl Kuehl Chair
Ted Browne Co-Chair
Harold Lavigne
Protection and Emergency Management
Ted Browne Chair
Harold Lavigne Co-Chair
Carl Kuehl
Public Works, Public Service and Property
Harold Lavigne Chair
Carl Kuehl Co-Chair
Ted Browne