Our 1990 Ford Pumper
Sparky the Fire Dog
Extrication Call – Round Lake Road
Vehicle Fire on Buck Hill Road
House Fire on Old Trestle Road
KHR Fire Department’s 1997 Rescue Van
Bush Fire on Eno Road
Some of the gear on our Rescue Van

Fire Halls

Round Lake Fire Hall

The Round Lake Fire Hall located at 2995 Round Lake Road, was constructed in 1989 and provides fire
coverage for all of  Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township. 


The Fire Hall consists of two truck bays, a common room or meeting hall where the business meetings are scheduled, a kitchen, two bathrooms, the Fire Chief's Office and an atrium area that is used for storage and training.  This location serves as a backup Emergency Operations Centre for the township and an Evacuation/Emergency centre.

Parked in the bays are one pumper and one rapid response vehicle equipped as a bush truck.
The public is invited to attend any firefighter meetings which are usually scheduled at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.
Killaloe Fire Hall

Killaloe Fire Hall

The Killaloe Fire Hall is located at 5 Civic Street in downtown Killaloe and provides fire and rescue coverage for all of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township.

The Fire Hall consists of three truck bays, a training room where much of the inside training and lectures are conducted, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and an office.  This location serves as the KH&R Fire Department Training Centre.

Parked in the bays are two pumper tankers and one rescue van equipped with sundry including heavy extrication equipment.

Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township Garage

One tanker is stationed at the Township Garage as the garage allows the tanker to be closer to the western boundaries of the township and provides a significantly improved response time for those residents in areas such as Wilno.

At the Killaloe Fire Hall we have the following rolling stock:
1.      1997 Ford Rescue Van
a.      12 foot van box
b.      Diesel
c.       Automatic Transmission
d.      Hydraulic Brakes
Basic Rescue Kit
e.      Portable Generator
f.        500 Watt Portable Flood Lights
g.      Hand Spreaders
h.      Electric Reciprocating Saw
i.        2-Ton Come-Alongs
j.        Air Chisel
k.      Pry-axes
l.        Pry Bars
m.    Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Heavy Rescue Equipment
n.      Jaws of Life – 32 inch Spread
o.      O-Cutters – 6 inch
p.      Hydraulic Rams (15 inch and 30 inch)
q.      Chains
r.        Shackles
s.       Power Unit
t.        Hose Hand Operated Pump
u.      Air Bags which operate off the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Bottles
v.       Low Pressure Air Bags which can life 3.3 tons each
w.     High Pressure Air Bags which can lift 12, 22 and 42 tons
x.      Wood Cribbing for Vehicle Stabilization
2.       1990 Ford Pumper
a.      Manual Transmission
b.      840 Gallon per minute Pump
c.      1000 Gallon Water Tank
d.      On board Generator
e.      Truck Mounted Flood Lights
f.       Equipped for structure firefighting with hoses, nozzles, axes, etc.
3.       2015 International Pumper/Tanker - Workstar 750 SFA 4X4
a.       8 Cylinder Diesel {MaxxForce 10} engine - 330 HP @ 2000 RPM, 950 lb-ft Torque @ 1200 RPM

b.      Automatic Transmission
c.       Air Brakes
d.      Hale 850 Pump pumps 4000 Litres Per Minute
e.      2000 U.S. Gallon Water Tank
f.        8 MSA Breathing Apparatus with 4 Spare Bottles

g.      Carries 3 Ladders
h.      Generator
i.   Scene Lights
j.   Hoses and Nozzles 

At the Round Lake Fire Hall we have the following rolling stock:
4.       1993 International Triple Combination Pumper/Tanker
a.       840 Gallon per Minute Pump
b.      1000 Gallon Tank
c.       Equipped with 6-person cab
d.      Deck Gun
e.      MSA Air Packs
f.        Foam and Eductor
g.       Generator
h.      Smoke Ejector Fan

2011 Ford Rapid Response Vehicle - Bush Truck - Ford 5500
 a.      4-wheel Drive
b.     12 Forestry Hose Packs with 400 feet of hose each
c.      2 Wajax pumps
d.      Shovels/Axes
e.      Fire Brooms
f.       Heavy Extrication Equipment
g.     Chain Saws
h.  On-site Breathing Apparatus Bottle re-filling Station for 30 bottles
i.  16 Spare Bottles On-Board

2011 Ford 550 Rapid Respnse Vehicle/Bush Truck

Photo Reprinted with Permission from the Eganville Leader 

At the Township Garage we have the following rolling stock:
6.       2007 International Pumper/Tanker
a.       450 Gallon per Minute Pump
b.      1850 Gallon Tank
c.       6 inch quick dump valve
d.      1500 gallon portable tank

Evacuation Centre at the Round lake Fire Hall - 2995 Round Lake Road


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